Welcome letter


    Dear visitor,

    I am happy to see you on my web site. I am not a professional web designer, so this page exists just for fun and as a hobby. It is a small presentation of my life - still under construction (both web site and my life), but inspite of that you could see some interesting things which somehow work. I will be glad if you send me your opinion or give some advice on how to improve it.
    A little bit about me - I am 31 years old, engineer of Automation and Robotics. Currently I work as a manager and translator at my company Frende and Engineer in another Bulgarian company. I love to travel around the world and to make nice pictures. My hobbies are walking in the nature, playing football, meeting friends, listening music (mainly rock and metal). My newest hobby is cooking, actually eating the cooked food. I wish I could play a guitar, but at the moment I know only a few chordes.
    It is time to start surfing the web site. Have a good time in exploring my life!

    Regards: R. Yordanov

Latest Updates

  • SEPTEMBER, 2015
    Translations for Bulgarian companies from English to Bulgarian.

    Multiple translation projects were completed for Bulgarian industrial companies constisting of user manuals and company correspondence.

  • AUGUST, 2015
    Started new engineering project for BMW

    A new engineering project was started for the German automotive producer BMW for the new 7 series, starting production in 2016.

  • JULY, 2015
    Completed Erasmus program in Technical University of Riga, Latvia

    The Erasmus Program was completed and the Diploma Thesis was written with topic "Optimisation of brewery production throughput".

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